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Rubber Lubricants

Kisan Rubber Lubricant is made as per international standards and is generally used for lubricating the elastomeric or rubber ring used in Ringfit or Pushfit type of PVC pipes. It prevents any damage due to friction, thus resulting in leak-proof pipe joints. It is a non - toxic, water soluble material imparting neither taste nor odour to the conveyed water thus making it suitable for use in potable water carrying pipes. The lubricant is suitable for use in hot or cold weather and will adhere to the applied surface irrespective of wet or dry conditions.

Kisan Rubber Lubricants are available in 50 gm, 100 gm, 250 gm, 500 gm & 1 kg packs.

  • Non - Toxic & Odourless - It is completely free of any smell and is non - toxic. Therefore it can be safely used in pipes used for conveying potable water as it imparts neither taste nor odour to water

  • Easy to use - It spreads easily & can be applied by using a brush / cloth / gloved or clean hand

  • Chemically Stable - It does not melt in high temperature conditions nor hardens in cold conditions. Thus, it retains its consistency & lubricating properties across a wide temperature range that pipes are normally subjected to. It can be used in either dry or wet conditions effectively & has a long shelf life. It does not react with the rubber or the pipe material be it PVC, Metal or Cement

  • Superior Lubrication - Inherent properties ensures complete lubrication thus minimizing damages due to friction