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Kisan barish Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Nature replenishes the Groundwater Resource annually through seasonal rainfall, by way of infiltration through soil layers. Indiscriminate use of ground water resources for irrigation, industrial and other forms of commercial usage has caused fast-depletion in the groundwater level in majority of the regions in the country. Rapid urbanization has drastically reduced the exposed soil surface area, which prevents infiltration of rain in the soil to naturally replenish the ground water resources. In order to maintain the groundwater resources potential, a hydraulic dovetailing rain water harvesting and artificial recharge system is required that will augment the groundwater resource.

Kisan Barish Rain Water Harvesting System

It is the country's first customized range of pipes and leak proof fittings designed to collect and direct the flow of rainwater to desired storage destinations like pits, trenches, borewell, shafts and wells to augment the water level by ensuring infiltration of rain water in the soil.
Kisan Mouldings Limited holds the Design Patent for the same in India. Steel, Cast Iron or Cement pipes have been overlooked because the long lasting PVC pipes apart from being cheaper and maintenance free have distinctadvantages, as they are corrosion free and less prone to breakage. The material used in the making of PVC pipes being inert does not support bacterial and fungal growth. Usage of water is omnipresent at homes, in factories, at offices, in farms, in recreation etc. but at the same time, we are constantly facing a decreasing supply of water. The Kisan Barish Rain Water Harvesting System has been launched keeping this in mind and has proven to be a boon in enhancing the availability of water for self-use.

Installation of Half round Pipes (Gutter) into fittings.

All fitting have been designed with:

When fixing to open ended Rafters a choice of Brackets is available.

Barish Fittings

  • Water Connection for buildings.

  • Water distribution systems for bathrooms, kitchens, Industrial & commercial complexes etc.

Roof top Water Collection and Recharge Artificial Recharge in the Apartment Areas Recharge Through Roof top of Individual House Artificial Recharge by Water Spreading and Pit Methods
  • Rust free & requires no protective coating

  • PVC pipes are not attacked by low or high concentrated acid, oxidizing agents, alkalis, oils, fats and halogens

  • Energy saving, Environment friendly, Recyclable and Flexible

  • Biological & Abrasion Resistant

  • Immune to Galvanic or Electrolytic Erosion

  • Can be installed at very low cost

  • Light weight, elegant in appearance, easy to transport & store

  • High manufacturing standards ensure good leak proof joints

  • The Rubber Ring Gasket joining gives a cushioning to the system during change in climatic condition

  • Superior flow compared to GI and Asbestos Cement System

  • The Barish Rainwater Harvesting System is available in three Sizes:
    140 mm, 180 mm & 250 mm

  • Arresting ground water declined and improving ground water levels and availability

  • Beneficiate water quality in Aquifers

  • Arrest sea water ingress

  • Conserving surface water run-off during monsoon

  • Enhancing the availability of ground water at a specific place and time

  • Reducing power consumption

  • Conserving urban waste water & meeting the ever increasing demand for water

  • Avoid flooding of roads

  • Reducing ground water pollution & soil erosion

  • Supplementing domestic water requirement during summer drought