Casing Pipes

Casing Pipes

KML Classic Casing Pipes are used to aid in extracting clean and clear water from the bore-wells. Casing Pipes can be installed in deep and shallow bore well. They are manufactured as per IS 12818 & are available in Plain as well as Threaded ends. The threaded ends of Casing Pipes ensure that the pipes are screwed on each other, without the use of cements or adhesives & are confirming to IS: 554. Casing Pipes are colour coded blue.

Available in 40 mm to 250 mm (11/2 inch to 10 inches) ID & in 3 metre lengths. There are 2 types of Casing Pipes: CS & CM. The CS Pipes are Casing Pipes suitable for wells with depths upto 80 m while the CM Pipes for wells with depth above 80 m up to 250 m.

Borewell : KML Classic Casing Pipes are used to protect the Submersible Pipes that convey underground water to the surface.

  • Non-corrossive & non-conductive

  • Chemical resistant

  • Non-toxic, PVC imparts no taste to the water

  • Does not support bacterial growth

  • Long life & does not deteriorate as metal casing pipe does

  • Strong and hence the chances of wall collapse are very remote.

  • Lighter than steel in weight, so pipes are much easier to transport & handle

  • Easy to cut and fabricate whenever required