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New Generation KML Classic Submersible Pipe

The New Generation KML Classic Submersible Pipe is an innovative, high quality product launched by Kisan Mouldings Ltd. As a part of our endeavour to use cutting edge technology to fashion new products for our customers that will differentiate us from the rest & lead to customer delight.

When it comes to tapping underground water resources, Submersible or Rising Main or Column Pipes play a very important role-mainly in drawing water in Bore Wells / Tube Wells. Hence, these pipes must have the ability to withstand high tensile loads. The most suitable and time tested material that meets this demand is upvc, due to its inherent properties over GI pipes. The New Generation KML Classic Submersible Pipes are the lifeline of any Bore well or Tube well & can easily withstand heavy loads.

There are 3 ranges namely: Standard - from sizes 25 mm (1”) to 65 mm (2-1/2”), V4 - from 25 mm (1”) to 40 mm (1-1/2”) & Eco - 50 mm (2”). The pipes are available in 3 metre lengths.

  • KML Classic Submersible Column pipe is a Bi-Axial Oriented, Thick–Thin upvc pipe. Hence, its Drop Impact Strength & Notch Strength is very high

  • Due to the Special Compound and Process Techniques used, the New Generation KML Classic Submersible Pipes have increased Tensile Strength, Impact Strength and higher resistance to Internal Hydro–Static pressure. As a result of this, our pipes can withstand both Longitudinal Tensile Load and Internal Hydrostatic Pressure. Leak free Joints

  • The Special Compound Formulation and Process Technique also ensure the strength of pipe’s threads. Additionally, special design of the threads gives good weight holding & bearing capacity. Both ends of the pipe have male threads and one of end is joined to a female threaded coupler. Hygienic and safe

  • Two special rubber seals with threads are used to ensure complete leak proof operation & these rubber seals are also capable for bearing torque of the pumps

  • A unique locking system has been provided that makes removal & installation of the Coupler both easy & quick

  • Due to light weight, it is very easy to carry, handle and install

  • Do not react with acidic or alkaline water & also have a long life inside the bore well